Eve Torres Speaks Out – AJ/RAW GM, Main Eventing RAW, More


WWE Diva Eve Torres recently took part in an interview with IGN.com regarding the new NBC “Stars Earn Stripes” reality show that debuts tonight at 8EST. Here are some highlights:

On what she thought of the show when she heard about it: “To be honest, I thought it had my name written all over it. First of all, my connection with the military. I’m a strong supporter of the military, and I’ve been overseas to support them and entertain the troops. So the fact that I could raise money for military charities was an awesome opportunity. On top of that, I was like, “Wait, I get to shoot guns, jump through helicopters and climb through mud?” I was a tomboy growing up. I love that kind of stuff. I don’t think I knew how difficult it was going to be. I definitely didn’t, but I was excited.”

On whether any missions were particularly challenging: “Every mission, there was a situation like that, literally. Probably one of my biggest fears is water. I grew up in Denver, and I didn’t have an ocean nearby. I never really learned how to swim that well. So anytime that water was involved I had an extreme mental block when it came to that, and I had to overcome it. A big part of that is trusting your operative, which is what a lot of this came down to — trusting that they’re really going to give you the confidence to get through all of these missions together.”

On interacting with the military guys working on the show: “Those guys are incredible. I honestly thought they were going to come in and be extremely military and hardcore and mean and cold, you know? But they are the warmest, most amazing, funny, intelligent men. I mean, they’re people, and that’s what we sometimes forget, especially special ops guys. We think of them as these machines, but they’re not. They’re people with wives and kids and families. Just connecting with that side of things — I think when America connects with them and puts a face and a name with who’s out there really protecting us — I think it will be great.”

On whether there was a healthy competition between the contestants: “Oh, yeah. There’s extremely healthy competition. For one, we all became a family through this because some missions you’re working together with the other ops and celebrities in a team or squad. Then in other ones you’re competing against each other. So it was very healthy, but I don’t think there was a lot of backstabbing. Everyone wanted everyone to do well — but not as well as you. [Laughs]”

On AJ as a GM: “I’m not impressed. I think she is not fit for the job, and I think you need a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman to have that job — and that’s me. I have the experience, I have the expertise, I was executive administrator for many months and I should be the next one in that role. So I’m not okay with it, and we’ll go from there.”

On if there will be issues arising between her and AJ: “If I have anything to do with it. It’s not so much about her, it’s just about what I know I’m capable of doing. For me, it’s running the shows. It’s running both shows. Again, I just don’t see it going very well for her. I don’t think I even need to get my hands too dirty. I think she’s going to take care of this herself.”

On competing in the main event on Raw as part of the CM Punk/AJ vs. Bryan/Eve tag match: “It was an extremely cool moment. Not only was I in my hometown of Denver, Colorado, but there are is a very small number of women who have had that opportunity to main event RAW. To be one of those women was an honor for me, to be a part of that. It’s something that I can say that I’ve done and I’m very proud of.”

On all the legends who were backstage in the leadup to Raw #1000: “Oh, it’s so awesome. Backstage, especially at RAW’s 1000th episode, I mean, everyone was there. It was just so fun to watch everyone interact, the old with the new, and have legends come in. It also reminded everyone where this all started and the history of WWE. It’s a big part of where we are today and the future of WWE and where it’s going.”

You can click here to read the full interview.

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