​Even More On Vickie Guerrero’s WWE Departure


UPDATE: As previously reported, Vickie Guerrero’s
appearance on RAW this past week was her last with the company. Vickie informed
WWE that she would be leaving before WrestleMania 30 but decided to stay around
and finish out her run. She is said to be leaving on good terms and didn’t have
any issues with WWE, but simply wanted to move on to something else. Vickie is
very well liked backstage among the talent and Divas. Many of the Divas
considered her a “mother figure.” The door is open to future special

In addition, Vickie is said to have had some creative input to how her
departure would happen. The Eddie Guerrero tribute moments (his theme, doing the
shimmy, etc.) were her idea. Of course, WWE countered her ideas with their own
ribbing/jokes. It was basically a 50/50 “fair” split as to how her exit was

ORIGINAL: As previously reported here on the website,
Vickie Guerrero officially finished up with WWE on RAW Monday night. She
originally planned to leave the company following WrestleMania 30 but agreed to
stick around while WWE came up with a departure angle for her. She leaves WWE
after being there for over nine years. During RAW, #ThankYouVickie was trending

We’re told Vickie recently moved to Houston, TX and has enrolled in several
college courses. She plans to finish school and live a “normal life” taking care
of her family. We wish her all the best.

#ThankYouVickie was trending worldwide on Twitter Monday night during RAW –
and rightfully so. For almost a decade, Vickie Guerrero was a memorable on-air
character that the WWE Universe loved to hate. Her ability to rile up arenas
across the world with two simple words, “Excuse Me,” was impressive to say the
least. It was a great run.

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