Even More Wrestlers Tweet On Last Night’s RAW


Several wrestlers tweeted about last night’s episode of RAW, moving some of the storylines along.

Chris Jericho on his feud with CM Punk: “Jericho-3 Punk-0 #raw #iamthebestintheworld”

Zack Ryder on his kiss with Eve: “@EveMarieTorres kissed me…on the lips. #WWWYKI. I kissed a girl and I liked it. I don’t know what happened tonight. @EveMarieTorres kissed me. I don’t know what to think. Should I trust her? I have re-watched @EveMarieTorres kissing me like 100 times. #yummylipgloss.”

Jack Swagger on losing the US title: “I was robbed tonight by a imitation GM!!! I am the all American american,the greatest US champion [email protected] #EVER”

Teddy Long on his feud with John Laurinaitis: “@WWERawGM @DavidOtunga How’s the weather out there, playas? #Holla”

John Laurinaitis on getting thrown out of the Arena: “I think we can all agree that @DavidOtunga and I were victims of great injustice at the hands of @GMSmackDown tonight. This isn’t over. #Raw”

David Otunga added: “Teddy thinks he can kick me out of @WWE #RAW at TD Garden? Hmph! Harvard is just down the street. All will be rectified on#SmackDown”

Mick Foley on Wrestlemania 28 and Santino’s US title win: “it looks like the chances for me being part of Mania are looking somewhat limited. Running out of options.” and “It’s a @milanmiracle ! Santino, Santino, Santino! Congratulations, my friend!”

William Regal on The Rock’s comments about Boston and England: “A lot of British bashing by The Rock on #Raw.He wants to not worry so much about John Cena and worry about getting a dry slap from me.”

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