Ever-Rise Say They Were Surprised By Their WWE Release, & More


During a recent interview with WhatCulture, Ever-Rise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) commented on being surprised by their WWE release, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Matt Martel on the duo’s reaction to their WWE release: “Yeah, [we were] surprised to say the least. Surprised to say the least. It seemed to us that we had our whole careers in front of us in WWE. We were on TV every week doing what we wanted to do.”

Chase Parker on communication in WWE and how they were working on new stuff the day of their release: “Since, like, the month of October, we were doing something every week. Especially on NXT. finally getting, like, those… fleshing out those characters, which was always the idea, but it was a slow start. Unfortunately in the line of pro wrestling job security isn’t always something that is a checkmark in the box. Like, we all know this. Entertainment industry in general, it’s very risky, so you know these things, you know when you sign contracts ‘oh, this might not last the time that it’s supposed to.’ For our end, there’s always great communication between… whether it be Triple H, or Shawn Michaels or the coaches at the Performance Center, the writing team, the producers. Great communication all around. So it was… again, that’s kind of why it comes as a surprise because we were still in the process of working on stuff that day. That day!”

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