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Evil Uno Says It’s ‘A Little Weird’ Not Seeing Stu Grayson Backstage In AEW



During a recent interview with NBC Sports, AEW star Evil Uno commented on the recent departure of Stu Grayson from AEW, why it’s a “little weird” not seeing him backstage anymore, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Grayson leaving AEW: “Uh, it’s a little weird [not seeing Stu Grayson backstage at AEW events]. I mean, I won’t lie and say I didn’t — he’s my friend so I have an understanding of what he was going through. It’s not like it took me by surprise. This was like a mutual decision. They — he wanted something out of his contract and they did not have that for him and he wasn’t going to continue if it wasn’t for that and he was fine walking away and he’s not upset in any way. I still see him, so we run a wrestling school back in Canada and we spend — we still see each other once or twice a week. We’re still great friends, but it is very weird because I’ve navigated most of my wrestling career with him by my side and now I’m kind of doing it on my own again. There was a short period of time I did it in the 2010s where we weren’t a team anymore and so it’s going back to that but now it’s on national television which is a lot harder. You know, it’s a lot easier to have an anchor point in someone that you know how to work with, who completely understands both your rhythm and wrestling but your personality and who you are as a person to help you navigate the backstage. But, I’m pretty confident I’ll do okay and I’m sure Stu, wherever he does land will do fantastic as well because he’s truthfully one of the best wrestlers probably in the world and I think most people are just unaware of it.”

On his current role in the company: “Uh, we are — it’s a tough question because when we started, we were completely unknown so at Double or Nothing, we showed up and we were met with ‘who are you’ chants which completely, at the time, was justifiable. We had been in Canada for about eight years and no one knew who he was — who either of us was [Uno & Stu Grayson] because we had changed names and we changed characters. But, that kind of was the goal was to come in and be a mystery and then develop that mystery over time. Now we’re established characters but we are so vastly different from what we were three years ago. I could have never predicted my course in AEW. There are so many things that have, you know, changed the path of what I thought I was going to do. I’m happy in the position I am in definitely. We have a much larger roster than when we started. We have — if you’re gonna talk about the top ten wrestlers of all-time, we have way more of them now than we did before. We’ve got Bryan Danielson, we’ve got [Jon] Moxley, William Regal is here, we have a New Japan collaboration, we still have Kenny Omega, Hangman [Adam Page], we have CM Punk. So, I am not upset if I do not make this pay-per-view card [Double or Nothing 2022]. There’s always other pay-per-view cards. But, I would lie if I tell you I don’t want more. I think every pro wrestler should want — every pro wrestler should try to be champion, every pro wrestler should aim for more than what they have currently but, I am not the type who holds onto negativity so I’m very happy with where I’m at and I’m very happy where the Dark Order is at. We are very beloved right now. I feel like we are practically the heart and soul of this company at this time. But, you know, would I be happier if I was on this card? Maybe a little bit. Maybe a little bit but I am not upset if I’m not.”

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