Evil Uno Shares Details On AEW: Fight Forever


AEW wrestler and Dark Order founder Evil Uno recently sat down with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com. Uno shared an update on the AEW: Fight Forever video game, which will be available across multiple platforms in 2023. Highlights of his interview are below:

Evil Uno on what fans can expect from the game: “What I can give you: I can give you the tidbits that I was allowed to announce. There will be over fifty characters at launch. The plan is for it to evolve over time. So we have a huge roster. Of course, it hasn’t been said, but I’m sure we want to release more of that roster in due time. There will be more game modes than there is originally at release. It’s called AEW Fight Forever for several reasons. One being that this is likely going to be a forever game that evolves over time.”


On a GM Mode for the game and how it might evolve: “They’ll have years where GM Mode’s there. Some years it’s not. So, yeah. I’m always of the mind that if a game can evolve over time, like—okay, I’m going to drop some gaming stuff here. Deep Rock Galactic, No Man’s Sky, games that initially were good, but now two years later are fantastic because they have so much crazy content.”

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