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Evil Uno & Stu Grayson Comment On Brodie Lee’s Role In The Dark Order, BTE, More



During the latest episode of “Talk Is Jericho”, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson commented on Brodie Lee’s role in The Dark Order, the popularity of Being The Elite, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Evil Uno on Brodie Lee helping the Dark Order members develop their personalities: “He came in as a much bigger pro wrestler and bigger name than us, so it brought us up a level, but it also brought us a level of cohesiveness. Silver and Reynolds were essentially feeders for us without having many personas. 5 and 10 were brought in without many personas, but by being with Jon and Jon being so generous and always wanting people to do well, he made all of us accentuate our personalities. Had it not been for Jon leading us for half this year, I don’t know if we would be the Dark Order we are today.”

Stu Grayson on Lee’s role in the Dark Order becoming more popular on both Being the Elite and AEW television: “We feel like BTE is the reason we were still in people’s minds – not even just for the fans, but for AEW. In terms of in-ring matches, Dark Order wasn’t very present on Dynamite. Starting in mid-July, there wasn’t any real Dark Order match on the show other than Brodie. But us showing personality and telling our story on BTE kind of kept us afloat with the company. It made people realize this is what’s going on with them when they’re not in the ring, and since we weren’t in the ring, we needed to tell a story of some kind. I feel like BTE showed a lot of people – we were not just random numbers. Everyone had a reason to be, and Jon is the best example of it. We saw that he has a personality. We started to show that everyone could talk, and everyone could have fun. Without BTE, I feel like we would not have reached a lot of people because they would’ve thought of us just as minions.”

Evil Uno: “Had it not been for BTE, people would not be thinking about Reynolds and Silver nearly as well because credit to both of them, we had a discussion back when we were stuck at home but they were on television playing essentially background characters. They started realizing that once 5 and 10 came in, ‘We’re getting phased to the back.’ We had a discussion together that was like, ‘If we don’t show our dynamic as a group on BTE and we don’t push ourselves on our own time, we’ll never get to that next level.’ The great thing about Jon is he was in to do anything. He was like, ‘I want to just be a mean boss.’ OK, how do we play off that? We built our chemistry, and if wasn’t for BTE, I wouldn’t be nearly as close as I am to Reynolds, Silver, 5, and 10. It’s been a crucial piece to our success.”

Grayson on the friendship between Dark Order members: “It became all the Dark Order members become genuine friends. Just working with someone, you get the brotherhood of the wrestlers. But doing what we were doing, the insane dumb things we were doing and saying, made us genuinely fall in love with each other. We’re all really good friends…..even when they told us about Anna, we were not sure how to react because we were seven dudes being loud and vulgar and dumb on BTE. Now, we have to bring in a girl. We were like, ‘Oh man, what do we do here?’ It just brought us all closer. Without BTE, we wouldn’t be friends with Anna the way we are now, and she might not have the personality she has. Neither would Jon or any of us really. BTE was great.”

Evil Uno on the future of the Dark Order: “I don’t think it’s impossible, especially since me and Stu have been in Dark Order from day one. We’ve been through multiple phases of Dark Order because we had to adjust either with storylines changing or things not working or lockdowns or people getting put in the group without knowing who they were. I think we’ve always been very good at adjusting and you have to. You have to show that you’re multi-faceted and I think this year has given us confidence in a sense that I think we can pull through this. What does Dark Order do from here? Genuinely, I wish I could tell you. I wish I knew.

“Today, right now, I don’t even want to think about what’s coming up. I’m mostly thinking about Jon. But I think the most obvious thing is that we need to stay as a group in his honor. It’s kind of wild because our whole cult group thing was, ‘Hey if you join this group, we’ll make you better.’ Now it feels like we have to become better wrestlers and better people for Jon. We now incapsulate his legacy. His name is gonna be attached to us forever, and anything from now on that is bad, is not a bad thing just to us but also a bad thing to his legacy. I feel like we have to produce the best that we have. The cult thing may not be the best approach next. Maybe now we’re just a family. Everything we do now has to be as good as Jon was.”

Evil Uno on what he learned from Lee: “I suffer from a lot of anxiety at home, and Jon was one of the few people I could talk to about it because we had been friends for so long. I have some friends in WWE, and I’ve never worked in that environment. I’d never really worked in an environment like AEW before. There are stresses that come with this environment that I could just not relate to in my 15 years of wrestling because I’d never had to think about TV or a billionaire boss or my numbers or how people are reacting or what they think of my physique. I’ve never had to consciously think about that. I’m wrestling for me, but now I’m wrestling for my employer and a legacy.

“Jon really helped me understand, ‘Are you happy with what you’re doing? Yes. Is your boss happy with what you’re doing? Yes.’ Then that’s the important part.’ What people say online about you or what you think the perception of you is, if someone’s not telling you that, don’t give that negativity energy. I never really had that negativity before because I felt so comfortable for years and years. I’m finally on a stage now that I’m out of my element, and it feels exciting, but in the same sense, it’s anxiety-inducing because it’s something I’d never done. Jon had been given the short leash for so long in WWE that he understood where we were at, he understood my mental state. He’s given me a much better outlook on this business.”

Stu Grayson: “Just being told me him, ‘Once you’re not in the arena working for AEW, once you’re home, be home. Don’t think about it. Be with your family, be with your friends, and have a good time. If you want to stress, wait for the day when you’re back here.’ Once you’re out of here, just be out of here and enjoy life. That’s what he did. He was a father, he was a family man. Going home not thinking about work, now more than ever because our schedule was pretty nuts. He told me, ‘Just chill.’ I was like yeah, that’s a good idea.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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