eWN Fan Live Report From Monday Night’s WWE RAW


Thanks to eWrestlingNews.com reader Shanem_2006 for sending in the following notes from this week’s WWE RAW broadcast:

I attended Monday Night Raw live from Manchester tonight (11/11).

In the arena, the crowd were alive with energy from start to finish. It all started when we were in the line outside waiting for the doors to open, the crowd were asked to move closer to the door which had us all chanting YES! During the 15 minutes we were waiting, we saw crowd versions of Y2J, Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan. The doors opened & we all made our way in to the arena to another large yes chant.

We found our seats and watched other people make their way to their seats. This led to us seeing crowd versions of Masked Kane, Mankind and Goldust. There were loud chants for all 3 throughout the night, with all 3 taunting and imitating the superstar they were dressed as whenever they were chanted. During the Big E/Del Rio match, the guys dressed as Masked Kane and Goldust both left their seats and made their way to the back of the arena floor. Everyone they walked past were chanting and cheering when suddenly, Masked Kane grabbed Goldust and laid him out with a chokeslam onto the arena floor. There was a huge pop afterwards. Goldust made his way back to his feet and kicked Masked Kane in the gut and laid him out with shattered dreams, to an even bigger pop. Goldust ran off and Kane sat up and went after him. We didn’t see either of these for the rest of the night, but they still got a huge pop nonetheless. Also, during the Big E/Del Rio match there was a huge Mexican wave which did around 5-6 laps around the arena. From this, there was a huge ‘we are awesome’ chant.

There was a huge ‘Randy’s Boring’ chant when he was addressing us at the start of the night.

Another highlight of the night has to be the guy dressed as Superman. He had so much attention on him tonight, even R Truth spoke of him in his rap. Everytime we chanted superman’s name, he stood on his chair and posed for us all, much to our delight. When the show was over, he walked pasted all of us, and we chanted his name again, with everyone shaking his hand and greeting him. We were then waiting in the train station for around 20 mins (around 1 mile away from the arena) and we saw him again walk right past us. He was a class act tonight. Thank you superman!

We were fandango-ing all night, but it was most prominent when fandango’s gold entrance curtain was being lowered during a backstage segment.

Before the show went live, there were loud ‘wooooo!’ Chants, aswell as ‘YES!’ chants. There were also ‘MRRRR, KENNEDY’ chants and I also heard a few people screaming the start of 3MB’s song which was ‘WE’RE THE 3 MAN band, In the divas tag team match which was taped for Superstars, there was a thunderous yet incredibly sarcastic ‘this is awesome’ chant which was hilarious. When Khali came out for the six man tag match for Superstars, everybody boo’ed him. When the match started, there was a loud ‘you can’t wrestle’ chant.

In the RAW divas match, there was a hilarious ‘we want tables’ chant.

After the show, we were all in the arena lobby slowly making our way outside, there were loud ‘YES!’ chants and more ‘we are awesome’ chants. People were also fandango-ing.

It was such a great night which was alive with energy. Just hope the atmosphere played back on tv!

Biggest Pops

– CM Punk

– Daniel Bryan

– John Cena

– Big Show & when he put Orton through the announce table

– Wade Barrett (dark match vs Damien Sandow)

– William Regal (superstars)

– 3MB (Union Jacks)

– Goldust & Cody

– Superman

Biggest Heat

– John Cena

– Randy Orton

– Vickie Guerrero

– Manchester United’s football ground

– Whoever stopped the Mexican Wave!

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