eWrestlingNews Addressing Some Bug Fixes + WrestleMania


Dear Readers,

We’ve been working very hard the last few days to get the site’s bugs squashed and features squared away. We heard your voices and are making changes to the site to make things easier to navigate. We have several more tweaks in the work for you all to get to the news faster and access more content easier.

At the moment we’ve fixed a few bugs that were requested. Including the following new features:

1. Mobile/Desktop View – You can now toggle on your mobile phone between desktop and mobile mode. Some of you might prefer to have full access to the menus and pages. This can be found on the footer of the page when you are on your mobile phone.

2. News/Articles – Many of you voiced the simpleness of being able to read news articles without viewing the articles. We’ve split the sections for you to do that in the menu.

3. Cross OS/Browser support – Some of you were having issues with Opera and other less popular operating systems. We are not leaving you behind. We’ve fixed some issues with not being able to access articles and having an obtrusive menu blocking the content. Those should be gone. If you continue to experience such, please let us know and take a screen shot!

4. Slow-loading Ads – We’ve contacted our Ad companies to pull the slow ads and make sure they load with speed. However, we have to keep the amount of ads on our page to pay our staff of developers and keep the site running. 

We also fixed many other backend bugs that are not features needed to go over here. I hope these fixes will help your browsing experience. We are also doing a lot of testing to see how to improve your experience in the community. We are happy to have you here. 

Once our site is bug free, we are planning to introduce a few more features on the site. Please standby and we’ll be working around the clock here as usual!

We also will be covering WrestleMania this Sunday, so please come join us and have a live watch party!!



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