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Ex-WWE Commentator Says People Were “Freaking Out” During CM Punk’s WWE Backstage Debut


Renee Paquette has said that people were “freaking out in the control room” when CM Punk made his debut for WWE Backstage.

Punk, who walked out of WWE in 2014, debuted for the show in 2019 in a truly huge moment for WWE and made several appearances on the WWE-focused panel show.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Paquette, another panelist on WWE Backstage, said that many people didn’t think Punk’s appearance was part of the show saying:

“There were people in the control room that worked for WWE, that were there at FOX and did not know that he was coming back and they were freaking out in the control room. Like, ‘Oh my god, what’s happening, what’s happening?’ In a bad way. As if we’d done something we were not supposed to do. I was like, ‘It’s okay. We all know. It’s all cool.”

Booker T, Paige, Adam Cole, and Samoa Joe were all present for Punk’s debut, but none of them knew he was appearing according to Paquette:

“Knowing that the world was about to erupt, to see CM Punk back in that capacity, it was a lot of fun. It was just so cool. It was just so nice to see him just get back to doing what he does. And you know having him in that analysts’ role was fun, but God, it’s so much better to see him wrestling.”

CM Punk debuted for AEW last August and has won all but one of his matches.

The former WWE World Champion will face MJF in a dog collar match at AEW Revolution on March 6th.

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