Ex-ECW Talent Speaks Out + A Cool WWE2K14 Feature


— WWE will be releasing some new DVD and Blu-ray titles over the next two months. This includes “Legends of Mid-South Wrestling” on 9/10, “Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come” on 9/24, “Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection” on 10/8, “Straight to the Top: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match Anthology” on 10/29 and “The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment” on 11/19.

— The WWE 2K14 video game will be the first game where you can select outdoor football stadiums as the arena you hold your matches in.

Reader Phil Johnson sent along the following:

— Former ECW personality Lou D’Angeli (aka Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously) recently took some time to take part in a Q&A. D’Angeli spoke on a number of topics from if he is a Paul Heyman guy to his thoughts on John Cena, the Attitude Era, ECW, WWE, TNA and more. Here are some highlights:

Are you a Paul Heyman guy?: 100%…I am also a Tommy Dreamer guy….a Raven guy….and a Taz guy….with the 4 of them I would have never caught break in the wrestling business.

What are your thoughts about John Cena?: John is a great guy. Having worked with him in WWE I know first-hand what he does for that company and the dedication and drive he has to get it done. His contributions to Make-A-Wish are second to none. I can honestly say Cena is the perfect role-model in the business right now.

When you think back, how much of WWE’s Attitude Era is owed to what you guys were already doing in ECW?: A lot of it…and due to the popularity of shoot interviews, etc…it’s a fact and not a theory you know? People saw what we were doing and brought it to national TV before we could. The “Attitude Era” for WWE was insanely popular obviously…and given they still continue to bring some of the main-event guys from that time back into the fold now…they must feel the same way.

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