Ex-Nexus Star Lashes Out At CNN’s Piers Morgan


Michael Tarver went off on a a rant against Piers Morgan over Morgan’s interview with Kirk Cameron in which Cameron made homophobic remarks. Tarver posted the following to Twitter (edited for ease of reading):

Why do you attack Christians the way you do I would love to speak with you? Homosexuality is unnatural and a sin but there is not a person on this earth who is not a winner including you sir. As long as I’m alive, I am an unnatural sinner as well. It as a Christian I choose to recognize it and do something about it. What that means is we all have a choice. I said before, some of the best people I’ve ever known happen to be homosexual and would run in a burning building or jump in front of a bullet or give the shirt off their back and I love them for that.

I don’t care or judge GOD said THEY WILL KNOW US BY OUR LOVE NOT JUDGEMENT as a Christian I LOVE WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. No matter if [you’re] gay or not you are human and deserve to be loved and respected. ONLY GOD CAN AND WILL JUDGE I do not have the power or right to judge anyone and neither do you with your cheap ambush journalism against Christians.

Do YOU know what it’s like to be gay sir ? So YOU know what it’s like to be a Christian SIR? No you are neither, but you will gladly stir the pot pitting one against the other and you could [not] care less about either because you come off as an anti-Christian yourself. Which again is your choice and I can not judge you, only love you, because I AM NOT GOD and [neither] are you.

You want an answer to the question you asked Kirk Cameron? It’s in the bible, read it yourself. You attacked Joel Olsteen about the Elton John magazine cover the same way. I enjoy your arrogant two sided crap but I am not perfect, I’m human, and so are you SIR. Why do you attack Christians? You don’t really care about homosexuality, [you’re] an ambush journalist.

Morgan’s reply was:

I don’t attack Christians, mainly because I am one. I’m just not that fond of bigots. I’ll be just fine, thanks for the concern. Go preach some tolerance, make yourself useful.

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