Ex-Official: ‘Now Is The Time For WWE To Get It Right’


Former WWE Official Wes Adams wrote a new column about the issues with WWE’s current booking, saying that its WWE’s last chance to get things right. Here are the highlights…

“With WWE poised for a network launch here in a few weeks, they have stepped into two humongous piles of shit that is going to take some major league time to clean up, but right here free of charge, I am going to clean one of them up. This is a LAST CHANCE for WWE to get this right. And I hope someone up there reads this and considers it, because even though I criticize WWE, think their booking sucks, and cringe at the career killing decisions they make on a weekly basis, I care. I care about the friends I made up there that depend on the success of WWE to pay their bills and feed their families. All of their paychecks are dictated by WWE’s creative decisions! If the WWE turns off their fanbase with their crappy storytelling and refusal to deliver the goods to the consumers, then pink slips can and will start being issued! And I don’t want that for any of those guys or girls.

Now on to the OTHER mess that you’ve created. The word on the street is that WWE talent is concerned about how their payoffs are going to be handled now that PPV rates are going to go down. Also word says that WWE scheduled a talent meeting to address this issue, then cancelled it, and have yet to reschedule it! That’s not an encouraging sign at all. How was this issue not even addressed and taken into consideration during the course of establishing the plan for the network? That was the first thing that I thought of! I’m sure it was the first thing that ALL of the talent thought of! Did WWE just hope that the talent was so job scared that no one was going to bring the issue up? Is that the WWE environment these days? This is exactly why pro wrestlers need a union. To prevent garbage like this. The days of six and seven figure paydays for WrestleMania are likely gone forever. Oh how I weep for the future.”

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