Thursday, June 13, 2024
NewsEx-Producer Claims "Culture Of Fear" Exists In WWE

Ex-Producer Claims “Culture Of Fear” Exists In WWE



Former WWE employee Dan Ryckert has spoken out against the “culture of fear” which exists within WWE.

Ryckert signed with WWE in 2020 as a backstage producer and worked primarily on constructing podcasts for the company.

Speaking with MiniMax, Ryckert revealed how this culture of fear over losing your job prevents WWE employees from progressing. He said,

“There’s a culture of fear there. Everyone is afraid to rock the boat because there is a long history of that company of certain people up top, I bet you won’t know who I’m talking about. People get fired, people get fired on whims all of the time. I survived a bunch of waves of massive layoffs. I had several waves of bosses and bosses above bosses get laid off for two and a half years.”

Ryckert left WWE earlier this year and has yet to work with another wrestling promotion.

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