Ex-Wrestler Retiring + Zack Ryder Talks YouTube Show, More


— Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tommy “Wildfire” Rich, 56, has announced that he plans to retire from in-ring competition this year.

“it’s been a hell of a ride on the road bound for GLORY. The promoters and fans ya’ll made it possible. But all good things must end. Dec.31 it ends,” he wrote on Facebook. “So for you old school wrestling folks like a hero in a story I’ll go out like ya’ll brought me in. In a blaze of Glory. So book WILDFire for ur wrestling event or personal appearance.”

— Zack Ryder, who is featured in the May issue of Muscle & Fitness, discussed WWE’s children-aimed program on The CW, Saturday Morning Slam. The program currently features a competition among Superstars for a General Manager. He says he’d love to be the boss.

“I’d make all the divas date me or put all my opponents in matches they don’t want to have. Everyone wants to the GM of Saturday Morning Slam. Everyone wants the power. I guess we’ll see what happens,” said Ryder.

If he becomes the show’s General Manager, he says his first plan would be “to get a tanning bed right in my office.”

He continues, “I always want to have a tan and look nice. And all the hottest divas—I’d force them to date me or else I’ll fire them. That’s allowed, right?”

Ryder was also asked about his broad fanbase. He says, “I think because probably from my YouTube show – I really let the WWE Universe into my life. I vented my frustration with the company. I joked around. People saw it and realized, “Hey, he’s one of us. He wants to be at the top, so let’s get him there.” Me and my dad were best friends in the show—it was kind of a little five-minute reality show every week. When my girlfriend broke up with me, I cried on the show. It was very much, what you see is what you get. I just did it in my living room with a little camera. There was no green screen, no high-end production. And people loved it.”

The full interview is available here.

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