Ex-WWE Creative Writer Reveals How He Got Hired


— These are the matches advertised for night two of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s All Star Weekend X in Reseda, California at American Legion Post No. 308:

* Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano for the PWG Title.

* The Young Bucks and Kevin Steen vs. Candice LaRae, Joey Ryan, and Drake Younger.

* A.R. Fox and Rich Swann vs. Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong.

* ACH vs. Chris Hero.

* Chuck Taylor and Trent? vs. Brian Cage and Michael Elgin.

* Davey Richards vs. Ricochet.

* Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas vs. B-Boy and Willie Mack vs. Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma in a three-way tag.

* Tomasso Ciampa vs. Anthony Nese.

— Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein (2006-2007) spoke with The Sports Courier’s Fred Richani about his time in the company, including Vince McMahon, TNA, John Cena and more. Here are highlights:

On getting hired by WWE: “They say things like you need to know the product. They do not quiz you, but they test you on how much of a fan and how much of the product you know about. Then, you get the job and they really don’t want you to be a fan. They want you to be a clean slate so they can mold you. They really want you to forget all of that (entertainment).”

On how WWE was in 2006 and the roster splits: “By far, Cena was the guy. Even at that point. It was a weird time and look back at the rosters of both shows. The brands have just split, so talent was stretched thin. There just wasn’t that talent pool, so we were really stretched thin with WCW guys on their way out, ECW guys on their way in. Vince had no interest in using them.”

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