Ex-WWE Diva Claims The Undertaker Taught Her How To Take A Bump


Speaking on a recent episode of the “Ring the Belle” podcast, former WWE Superstar Joy Giovanni commented on how The Undertaker helped her learn how to take a flat back bump in WWE. She said,

“I mean, I wouldn’t say he trained me. He was one of the people that was trying to teach me, in all of his long wisdom, how to take a bump on the canvas. I remember him saying, ‘You got to tuck your chin, but you just land flat with your whole body at once.’ I just was like, ‘What does that even mean?’ He was working with me. I mean, it could have been — in my memory now, it could have been 20 minutes. Do you know what I mean? It felt like a long time to me. I remember the rest of the day and the next day, I couldn’t even turn my head just from trying to land and trying to do it because I would want to do it, but your body naturally doesn’t want to let you fall flat on your back, and that ring, if you’re 100 pounds, is not so bouncy, I have to tell you.“


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