Ex-WWE Employee Gabe Sapolsky Reacts To Bob Saget’s Passing, Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman


Former WWE employee Gabe Sapolsky briefly returned to Twitter on Sunday night to react to the news of Bob Saget’s passing. It was reported on Sunday evening that Saget passed away in a hotel room in Orlando, FL at the age of 65.

Sapolsky previously worked with Saget in Dragon Gate USA back in 2010. He said,

“I’ll return to Twitter for a moment to comment on this. I booked this angle with Bob Saget, Jon Moxley, YAMATO and BxB Hulk thinking it would be a big break for DGUSA. We’d get all these characters over on “Strange Days With Bob Saget.” Unfortunately, the show never gained any traction. In fact, it was cut from an hour episode to 30 minutes. However, looking back it is crazy and cool that this happened. I also got the advice Bob gave us that he learned from Rodney Dangerfield about trying to make it: “Be like a tank.”

I’ve repeated it many times over the years, especially during my hardest times. Thank you, Bob Saget.”

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