Ex-WWE Official Recalls WrestleMania Experience, More


Former WWE official Wes Adams recently spoke about his experience with the WWE and WrestleMania. Here is what he had to say…

“One of my most frequently asked questions that I get about my almost 2 year cup of WWE flavored coffee is “Did you ever go to WrestleMania?” And the answer is yes. I was signed in January 2007 and of course NOBODY is gonna make it from developmental to WrestleMania in 2 ½ months, so WM23 I watched from my good friend and former independent wrestling star Jacey North’s house. So imagine my surprise a year later when Mark Carrano from WWE talent relations tells me at a TV taping, “Well kid I made your dreams come true: you’re working WrestleMania!” Mark was always awesome to me and talked to me at every TV we were at together, and he was right on the money, he sure did. Everybody has different reasons for wanting to break into the wrestling business, and many of us have multiple reasons. And if the SLIGHT possibility of ever being booked on a WrestleMania is not on your list of reasons for being in this business, then maybe you need to get out. Yeah I’m critical of WWE’s booking, but I was before I signed with them (although I didn’t write a column about it haha). Maybe not everybody wants to wrestle in WWE full time, but how can you not be attracted to the possibility of working that show? Record breaking crowds, the electricity, the payoff (a thing of the past?), and the satisfaction of knowing that your name is on a select list of performers who appeared on that year’s version of the biggest professional wrestling show that there ever will be. Hey, and forever you will be able to walk into a Walmart, Target, Best Buy, FYE or various retail stores and know that they will likely have a copy of a DVD that you appeared on. Pretty freakin’ sweet if you ask me (not that you did).”

“So when I get the news that I’m going to be assigned to the opening show battle royal to determine the #1 contender to the ECW Championship, I was pretty freaking stoked. Well that excitement multiplied by 1000 when I was told that I was going to be needed in Orlando 4 days before WrestleMania to assist with the crew work! I would get to go to the Hall of Fame ceremony, which is a tremendous honor to attend, because they pay tribute to the wrestling superstars of the past. It can be debated all day long who belongs in and who doesn’t but on that day, I sure didn’t care. I was there to see Ric Flair, the Brisco Brothers, Mae Young, Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, Eddie Graham, and Gordon Solie inducted and hear stories from the past.”

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