Ex-WWE Star Says CM Punk Isn’t The ‘Best In The World’, More


— Former WWE talent Shawn Stasiak turns 42 years on Saturday. He is retired from professional wrestling and now works as a chiropractor. Today also marks as the forty-ninth birthday of Giant Silva of “Oddities” fame.

— Kenn Doane, who appeared as Kenny Dykstra for WWE, was asked on Twitter whether WWE Champion CM Punk is the “Best in the World” as he so often proclaims. The former WWE World Tag Team Champion says no, and that the “Best in the World” tag belongs to “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” or possibly even “The King of Kings.”

“#bestintheworld is The Rock. He draws, talks, not a good wrestler, but 2/3 isn’t bad,” Doane wrote. “Or HHH #bestintheworld draws, talks, wrestles. CM Punk is up there but I wouldn’t say the best.”

He was then asked about “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and responded, “Austin isn’t wrestling so I didn’t qualify him. Only those still active. Number 1 is The Rock.”

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