Ex-WWE Star: Today’s Divas Are ‘Nothing Special’


Rory McAllister, who appeared for WWE from 2006 to 2008 as a member of The Highlanders, feels today’s crop off Divas don’t compare to the bombshells of days gone by. Though attractive in their own right, he categorizes today’s female talent as ‘girls,’ rather than ‘Divas,’ and lacking special qualities.

“WWE has some pretty girls working there but what happened to having Divas!? Trisha, Candace, Torrie. WOMEN of hotness!” McAllister voiced on Twitter Thursday.

He then makes a daring comparison.

“I can see pretty much most of today’s chicks at any bar on a Friday night. #nothingspecial.”

A follower of McAllister’s stated, “WWE doesn’t believe in having divas who can wrestle, they’d rather just give them 3 minutes and and tell them to bounce around.” The wrestler responded, “Agreed, but they’re not even hot enough to hold my interest.”

He continues, “Like I said I see them in any bar. But! If Trish walked into a bar, EVERYONE would be like “who the fuck is that!” Same goes for Torrie Wilson, Candace, Lita etc. The new chicks have zero “IT” factor.”

McAllister also feels that WWE’s premiere starlet, Kelly Kelly, lacks je ne sais quoi.

“She’s a good lookin chick but no “holy shit” factor!” he wrote.

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