Ex-WWE Superstar Says Cody Rhodes Injury May Be Fake


Former WWE Superstar Ariane ‘Cameron’ Andrew has questioned the legitimacy of Cody Rhodes’ torn pectoral injury.

At WWE Hell in a Cell 2022, Rhodes competed in the main event against Seth Rollins, despite tearing the muscle earlier in the day.

While speaking to SEScoops’ Steve Fall, Andrew spoke about how wrestling is all about pretending and questioned the injury:

“Him showing up [injured], I don’t know, I started to learn with WWE and wrestling, what is real and what is fake? What’s to get people intrigued? Because, at the end of the day, this is still entertainment.”

No evidence has come out disputing WWE and Cody’s claims that the injury is real.

Rhodes was written off TV during this week’s Raw with an attack by Rollins.

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