Ex-WWE Superstar Says He Was Never Contacted For Elias/Ezekiel Storyline


During a recent appearance on the “Straight Talk Wrestling” podcast, former WWE Superstar Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow) commented on the ongoing Elias/Ezekiel storyline, fans speculating that WWE was going to bring him back to be portray the role of Elias, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On WWE not contacting him for the storyline: “No, nasty rumors. They have never contacted me, I’ve never contacted them. It’s just been kind of like, ‘Okay, that chapter of my life is done, and I’m moving forward.’ I don’t know if they did contact me, I would have much interest in doing that because I think there’s just other things that I’m focusing on. Even in wrestling right now, with NWA, NWA’s great because it is kind of a blank canvas you can paint on. And that’s, it’s not really that common in the business today. And to me, it’s always been more about the art than whatever mainstream is trying to sell you. I was always like, ‘No, get the people on your side, and everything will take care of the rest.’ That’s still why I do it because I took a couple years off, but the fact is, I stepped back in the wrestling business, and that’s thanks to Billy [Corgan] and the NWA. But I’ve acknowledged that it’s something I do love, and now I’m just having fun with it and kind of seeing where my mood is taking me, so to speak, and letting that come out in the ring more and more. I’m just really fortunate enough to have had the career I’ve had in the NWA, and you know what, the fact that I wanna retire, maybe that changes, maybe it stays the same, I don’t know because I’m taking it one day at a time.”

On his thoughts on Elias/Ezekiel: “So I guess I’ve given you a little bit more questions than answers. But I can definitely say that as far as the WWE goes, no, and again, this is nothing against Elias the performer. I think he’s very talented, and I think he probably should have gotten more than they’ve given him. The only reason I say this, like I’ve gotten comparisons and people always hit me up about it, so when I checked his stuff out, really, really talented. I just wish that guys that look the part, can do all the stuff in between were given that opportunity to really, really succeed. But I’m sure whatever they give him, he’ll take what it is and make the most out of it. That’s what you have to keep doing. That’s kind of the survival up there.”

Damien Sandow was released by WWE back in 2016.

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