Ex-WWE Superstar Says Jim Cornette Saved His Career


Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas has praised Jim Cornette for saving his career in 2002.

Haas is best remembered in WWE for being part of the World’s Greatest Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin and worked with Kurt Angle in Team Angle.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion told Inside The Ropes that Jim Cornette and Danny Davis played a pivotal part in his career:

“My hat goes off to Jim Cornette and Danny Davis they saved my career. They really pushed for me and they’re pushing for me as a singles guy, a big babyface down there. But then we were doing a show when Shelton was on his way out of OVW.

“Jim Ross was down there watching the match he had with Redd Dog, and I had a match with Chris Nowinski, and he was like, ‘Man, why don’t we continue with the Team Angle?’ He knew about Russ passing away, so he goes, ‘No, how come we’re not doing it with you three?’ Me and Shelton are like, ‘I don’t know.’ So Jim Ross went ahead and talked to them and he asked Shelton, he goes, Would you tag with Charlie and he goes ‘Absolutely, definitely.’”

After being released in 2005, Haas would return to WWE in 2006 and left in 2010.

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