Ex-WWE Talent Armando Estrada Rips TNA Wrestling


Armando “Alejandro” Estrada recently criticized TNA on Twitter while watching last night’s iMPACT! Wrestling. He focused mostly on the concept of the “Feast or Fired” match.

He wrote: “Why would a wrestler want to participate in a match where u have a 25% chance of being fired? Doesnt make sense. The risk is too high. #TNA Especially if a top guy grabs a briefcase. If u were a former world champ and u grabbed a tag title briefcase, is that really fulfilling? If you want to make it more believable, add two briefcases ( TV title and a 2nd tag title). Now you reduce the odds of someone getting fired. And why are there enhancement guys in the same match with your stars? That would be like WWE putting Cena, Punk in the MITB with 3MB or JTG. Does not make sense on so many levels. And I would like nothing more than there to be a viable #2 promotion. Please re-evalute your product.”

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