Ex-WWE Talent Retiring, Foley News, WWE Network


— Mick Foley revealed on Facebook that he’s planning on releasing a 10-minute documentary on his comedy shows. The film, which was done by filmmaker John Andosca, will be released next week via YouTube.com.

— Kevin Burns, the Executive Producer and writer of Ancient Aliens on the History H2 Channel, recently spoke to VOC Nation about Internet style programming (like the WWE Network) replacing cable TV. Here is what he had to say…

“Yes and no. In my lifetime, I’ve seen a greater and greater democratation of programming. With YouTube and Facebook, everyone is becoming their own writer and producer. The challenge is in supporting 24 hours a day. It takes a tremendous commitment. People want varied programming. Some people will watch wrestling 24 hours a day, but not enough people will support it (to make it a huge success).”

— Former WWE talent and Spirit Squad member Mike Mondo posted on Facebook earlier this week that he’ll be retiring:

“My run as far as being a pro wrestler may sadly becoming to an end. Time to really start thinking outside the box to secure my future. Have a couple idea’s and gonna start acting on them promptly to see where it goes. Whether I go or stay wrestling will ALWAYS go on and NEVER feel bad for me leaving it. Regardless on the decision I make, I will ALWAYS be grateful and thankful for each and every one of my fans love and support.”

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