Ex-WWE Talents To Be Honored Tonight, WWE Classics, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion starts today at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will run through Wednesday. The following awards will be given out…

Iron Mike Mazurki Honoree: Ivan Koloff

Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Moody (a/k/a Paul Bearer, Percy Pringle)

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Honoree: Lord Zoltan

James C. Melby Historian Honoree: George Schire

Men’s Wrestling Honoree: Jake Roberts

Men’s Wrestling Honoree: Matt Riviera

Women’s Wrestling Honoree: Molly Holly

Women’s Wrestling Honoree: Sandy Partlow

Golden Ear Honoree: TBA

Future Legend Award: TBA

— Brian Pickering sent in the following WWE Classics On Demand updates:

The Big Events:

* WCW Sin 2001

Classics Rewind:

* The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane Parts 3 & 4

* Monday Night Wars: Nitro 9/29/97

* Monday Night Wars: Raw 9/29/97

* Tuesday Night Titans 11/15/85


* Six Man Elimination Tag Match: The Brood vs. The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes Sunday Night Heat 6/13/99

* Edge vs. CM Punk Smackdown 5/1/09

* Edge vs. Chris Jericho WWE Global Warning Tour 8/10/02

* WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Edge Raw 2/13/06


* Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century Part 2

TV Classics:

* NWA’s WCW on TBS 6/25/88

* Monday Night Raw 2/1/99

Millennium Moments:

* 2005- Steel Cage Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero Smackdown 9/9/05

* 2006- WWE Championship- Triple Threat Match: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Edge vs. John Cena Raw 7/3/06

* 2007- WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Batista (c) vs. The Undertaker Cyber Sunday 2007

* 2008- Lumberjack Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton 11/17/08

* 2009- Christian vs. Zack Ryder ECW 7/28/09

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