Ex-WWE Writer Reveals The Only Thing He & Ronda Rousey Have In Common


Brian Gewirtz and Ronda Rousey have one thing in common – they share admiration for late WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

During a recent appearance on the Sportskeeda Wrestling podcast, the former WWE creative team writer commented on his admiration for Piper and the homages Rousey has paid to the WWE legend throughout her career. He said,

“Ronda is like me. This is probably the only main similarity that we have because I have never broken anybody’s arm. We both idolize Roddy Piper, as millions of people did. So, I like what she’s doing, as far as the color scheme and the logo and the outfit and all that. She’s paying homage to Roddy but she’s not trying to be Roddy. She’s not trying to hit people with coconuts, she’s not trying to steal any of the catchphrases or anything.”

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