Excalibur On Learning From Jim Ross, His Favorite AEW Matches, More


In a recent interview on My Mom’s Basement, Excalibur shares how much he has learned from Jim Ross in AEW, his favorite AEW matches thus far, and more. You can read his comments below.

Excalibur on learning from Jim Ross in AEW:

“One of the first shows, it was either Fyter Fest or Fight for the Fallen 2019. JR said to me, ‘You’ve got good points, but we don’t get paid by the word.’ And I realized, when it’s a PWG show and I’m calling it by myself, I can ramble on for as long as I need to to make a point.

But when I have to pass the ball between two other guys, being concise and really making a point with an economy of words – that’s something, for live television, that I hadn’t done a lot of until that point. That’s a lesson that really stuck with me.”

On working in AEW and the similarities with PWG:

“On a purely practice level, before this, I had a day job that I’d go to Monday through Friday. AEW has allowed me the chance to have a career in pro wrestling. So, rather than going to an office five days a week, I’m on the road…..it’s been said multiple times by multiple people after we have a red-hot, action-paced match, we’ll go, ‘Wow, this is like a PWG show with a budget.’

It is cool to see that, and it’s cool to walk into the building and see so many of my colleagues from years ago, especially because guys’ careers take them in many different directions. There are people you get close with and then maybe they would get signed or would go to Japan and you don’t see them for a while.”

On his favorite AEW matches thus far:

“There are a lot. Seeing Revolution last year with The Young Bucks against Kenny Omega and Hangman; that was probably a PWG match on a grand stage. But seeing matches like when Scorpio Sky wrestled Chris Jericho, that was, prior to AEW, it was a match I don’t think anybody thought could ever happen.

For me personally, Sky is a guy I’ve known since he began training at Revolution Pro in Anaheim. To see his progression from this kid to this guy that is standing toe-to-toe with one of the all-time greats of pro wrestling, that was really cool and really rewarding. It reminded me of the fact of how lucky we are to have AEW for moments like that.

h/t to My Mom’s Basement and 411mania.com for the transcription.

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