Exclusive: A.W. & JTG ‘Applauded’ By Their Peers + ROH TV


— As noted late last night here on the website, Abraham Washington has continued his rant against WWE, focusing a lot of his attention on Linda McMahon who he blames for his termination. We posted most of this last night but we’ve now broke it down for you here:

In regard to his @AWPromotions Twitter account: “Yeah the #WWE shut down my old account. It’s all good. It was fun while it lasted.”

On whether the account was his property or not: “Not really sure. Although when it comes to the #WWE they own everything like Satan, including your soul,lol!”

On an unflattering photo of Linda: “Is it me or does Linda McMahon make Hilary Clinton look like Angelina Fucking Jolie!!”

On Linda: “@Linda_McMahon has cost more negroes jobs than hurricane Katrina!!”

On his tactics: “I don’t hate Linda, I’m doing what a comedian would do. Making light of a serious situation inorder to make people think!”

More Linda jokes: “David Duke would hire my black ass before @Linda_McMahon!”

* “Sorry I won’t be HANGING out at any #WWE shows. There’s enough pro wrestling lynching as it is….”

On a fan’s comment that Linda won’t win the election: “Agreed, Them muthafuckas are as high as Jeff Hardy!!!”

On politics in WWE: “Politics is a must. Everyone plays the GAME!! Some (Divas) more than others….#WinkWink #HHH.”

On how he thinks WWE would have reacted to a Mike Tyson rape joke instead of a Kobe one: “Nope I would have probably got a raise! #WhatTheFuck?”

On why he’s doing what he’s doing: “I’m just saying my peace. I wish more people would be like JTG and not be afraid to speak up. #Courage”

As noted late last night here on the website, this confirms almost all of the exclusive WZROnline.com reports that we’ve been posting here on eWN as well. JTG was the first to speak out and many more may follow his lead. As noted, talents are pissed off at pay & bonuses and feel now is the time to speak out with Linda McMahon’s “job creator” campaign. WWE is extremely worried over things like what A.W. is doing right now. There is a backstage meeting scheduled for 3PM today at RAW today where WWE management is expected to address the travel and pay issues. As noted, they are likely going to try to calm everyone down. The company is very worried that in addition to guys like A.W and JTG, more talents are going to start calling out the company if something isn’t done about the major backstage frustration among current talents. There are numerous mid-card talents in WWE applauding A.W and JTG for “saying what needed to be said”. We’ll see what happens during the backstage RAW meeting later today. We hope to have exclusive details from that meeting and will be posting them either before or after RAW tonight here on the website. Stay tuned for that.

ROH sent out the following: This week on Ring of Honor Wrestling–“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole battle “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and “Brutal” Bob Evans with the lovely Maria Kanellis! Will Edwards and Cole take Bennett and his trainer to school, or will Maria’s trickery teach them a lesson of their own? It’s an A plus in action!

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