Exclusive: Another Ex-WWE Star ‘Screwed Over’ By WWE


— Former WWE star Big Daddy V/Viscera was contacted several weeks ago and asked about appearing on the 1,000th WWE RAW event last Monday. He was more than happy to oblige and was told he had a confirmed role for the show. According to sources, WWE never followed-up, thus the reason you didn’t see him appear. He was said to have been very disappointed over this. We’ll have a major exclusive update on this tomorrow here on the website.

— We reported last week that something similar happened with former WWE Superstar Tatanka. He recently confirmed online reports that he was contacted to appear on the historic 1,000th episode of RAW. However, he reveals, company officials never followed up on the matter with him.

“Hello #TeamTatanka! Wished I could’ve surprised u all & brought back what we all love! @WWE called & office confirmed but no follow-up at end,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tatanka adds he was disappointed with WWE’s efforts for the milestone program.

“With such a Historic Event #RAW1000 I was surprised that the show was not more than what it was. Missed it completely with show on for nineteen years!” he wrote.

“The Native American” also retweeted a fan remark stating, “I watched @WWE #RAW1000 to see @NativeTatanka and instead I have to suffer watching Miz win the IC title…shenanigans!”

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