Exclusive Backstage Notes On Mid-Card Talents’ Frustration


Natalya and Jack Swagger, two mid-card talents who are frustrated and have quietly expressed their concerns to their peers, were both “jobbed out” on RAW this week. This is just another example of WWE telling their talents to speak up and then when they do, they’re “jobbed out”. JTG spoke up and was jobbed out to Ryback several weeks ago and Santino Marella dropped the US Title on the SummerSlam pre-show as a “punishment” of sorts. Yoshi Tatsu wrote a blog several weeks ago regarding being frustrated with his current WWE status and Tensai is another guy who was promised a major push upon signing with WWE and he’s now been limited to Superstars and dark matches.

Once again, it’s a no-win situation for mid-card talents despite tons of them being frustrated these days. The frustration stems for a variety of issues including travel, bonuses, etc. WWE has basically been mocking them on TV as of late.

As noted earlier here on the website, Vickie Guerrero’s line on RAW where she stated “Nobody on the WWE roster has the guts to speak up” was clearly a direct shot at mid-card talents not speaking up when asked to do so at a backstage meeting at RAW several weeks ago. WWE has been doing subtle shots in recent weeks at mid-card talents and their frustration.

We’ll have more exclusive updates on the mid-card talent frustration later this week. There is much more to the story that will be coming shortly.

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