Exclusive Blog From Exiled Fan From Monday RAW


From Justin Stever:

I went to Monday Night Raw on the 24th in Green Bay, WI. I still have the ticket and have pictures of the event where you can see me.

So they started the matches for Superstars and during the Kofi and Sandow match I raised the Golden Shovel I made. Nothing happened with that. Then I held up a sign for 3MB that said, The New J.O.B. Squad. Nothing happened with that one either. Then Raw started. Hogan comes out and you can visibly see me holding a sign that says, Hogan+Bryan=Ratings[[Hogan+Cena=Riot.

After his promo was the Del Rio and Batista match. This is where it all started to go downhill. When Del Rio came out and was walking up the stairs you can clearly see me holding a sign that says, We Agree With CM Punk, UFC>WWE. As i watched it back i realized they took it away during the commercial break.

The second match of the night was Big E vs Cesaro. During that match you could not see me or the sign i held up however I was holding a sign that sad, I Missed My Flight To NXT, So I Had To Settle For This 2nd Rate Show. After watching Raw back i realized they were plugging the NXT Arrival show and talking about how both Big E and Cesaro were on NXT, yet they took away an NXT sign? I was absolutely stunned when the event staff guy came over and said quote, “I’m going to need to take that sign too.” I said, “Are you serious? It’s an NXT sign.” To which he replied, ” Yup sorry, they told me to come get it.” I was just like wow whatever.

So then we get the Cena promo and you can also see me in the crowd with my Ronda Rousey sign. When Cena started talking i took off the shirt i was wearing and underneath i had a white t-shirt. I wrote on the back of the t-shirt, #CenaStrike Cena = midcard. I wrote it on the back of the shirt because I didn’t want to see him in the ring and wanted to make a statement. As I had my back turned I held up my Rousey sign that said, Ronda Rousey Would Make Super Cena Tap Out And Bleed. after the Wyatt family walked down the ramp is when the event staff guy came over and told me and the guy I was sitting next to to come over (off camera) and talk with the 2 officers that were there. The guy I was sitting next to was also kicked out and he didn’t do nothing wrong but be next to me. I had just met him and hour before the show when I got to my seat. He was holding my #SavageHOF Ohh Yeahhh sign during the Hogan segment.

So Chris (the guy who was next to me) walked over and the officers asked if we had anything else of ours by our seats, I said yeah and he told us to grab everything. So i grabbed everything and the 5 of us (@officers, event staff guy, Chris, and myself) walked out passed the curtain next to the concession stand. The officer then asked Chris and i what was the problem. We said we didn’t know. Then the officer said, “Then why is he telling me you guys are being disruptive to the show?” I said all I’ve done was had 2 signs taken away. And then i threw my signs on the ground and said here look at them and tell me which ones are acceptable. The officer said he didn’t care about my signs and that wasn’t up to him. He then went on to say that Chris and I were welcome to stay but we could not go back through the curtain into the arena. And we were just like what that ridiculous and not fair. I said so you’re telling me i wasted $111 on a ticket and I’m cant watch 2 hours of the show? He said that’s not his problem and he said I’m going to have to ask you to leave the building and he proceeded to walk us all the way to the doors.

That’s the story. I didn’t get any of Chris’ information or anything. I wish I would have but its too late now. Looking back on the show I was not the only one with a sign in the air during the Cena promo so they cant really use the excuse that I was blocking other peoples views because 100’s of other should have been kicked out as well if that was the case. If you want to see the pictures I can send them in a separate email or you can take them off twitter but I didn’t post all of them on there.

So there you go. The full and true story. Your thoughts?

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