Exclusive: CM Punk Calls Twitter Fan After SD


Daniel J. Irizarry from my Facebook.com page just received a phone call from WWE Champion CM Punk following the live WWE SmackDown.

According to Daniel, he was tweeting Punk throughout SmackDown and during one of the tweets he sent his phone number. Immediately following the live WWE SmackDown, his phone rang with an unknown number and it was CM Punk. Punk asked “Hey, is this Daniel?” to which he replied “Yes, who’s this?” Punk replied with: “Danny Boy, this is CM Punk. I’ve seen your comments and thanks for the love & support. You’re one of the best fans a guy can ask for, keep it straight edge man & don’t let this internet shit bother you. This bullshit is gonna’ blow over & trust me, Chris is gonna’ remember this wrestler for a long time.” There was a long pause followed by Punk stating “But man, I gotta’ go, keep it safe & god bless ya man”. The conversation was brief but we’ve confirmed it was indeed CM Punk who placed the call.

Again, we have verified that this was the real deal. Pretty cool of CM Punk to do.

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