EXCLUSIVE: Davey Boy Smith Jr Discusses Interest in AEW


During my interview with MLW Superstar Davey Boy Smith Jr., he discusses his interest in potentially joining All Elite Wrestling.


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The third generation Superstar will be at Starrcast II on Saturday and Sunday, and although he has loyalty to MLW, made it very clear that he is interested in AEW and there are those within the company who are interested in him being a player:

“I’m not sure what, you know, with the contractual agreements with MLW if they’re willing or open to start a some any kind of a working relationship with AEW, I’m not quite sure. My big thing is that I’m very very curious from a lot of different perspectives on how this first show is going to go because they had sort of like their first show that they had with Cody Rhodes/Nick Aldis headlining it (ALL IN) but I’m curious to see how it will go and I’m sure it’ll go great.
“But to what degree in what capacity and how they’re able to follow up with things after this first pay per view. So there’s just a lot of question marks that I certainly have from not only a wrestler’s perspective but [from] a business perspective and from a fan’s point of view as well so I’m certainly open to it.
“And Jim Ross and I– he’s a very good friend of mine and he’s been high on me coming in as well. So I’ve thought about it and I’d like to see how things go at the first show. But like I said, MLW, I have a definite loyalty there. First of all because of the contract and you know with the relationship I’ve had with Court and Konnan as well.
“So, I’m curious to see how it will go and I’m looking forward to it and I will also be there for the [Double Or Nothing] pay per view, not necessarily wrestling on it, but I’ll be in Las Vegas that weekend and I will be appearing on Starrcast and I’ll be there from Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.”

You can follow Davey Boy Smith on Instagram and Twitter, and keep up with MLW Fusion through beIN Sports every Saturday night at 9 PM Eastern, and check out the full interview on YouTube via the embedded link above.

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