Exclusive: Drew McIntyre Shares His Thoughts On AEW All In, Wrestling Boom, More


At the WWE Superstar Spectacle media scrum last Friday, eWrestlingNews.com’s Tathya Sachdev caught up with The Scottish Warrior, Drew McIntyre.

When asked about the boom that the wrestling industry has been experiencing over the past year, McIntyre said,


“I had signed in 2007 and I felt like it couldn’t possibly get bigger than this, and to watch where the company has come from 2007 to 2023, from a business standpoint, is just insane. If you look all across the board, the amount of stadiums we do now, the profit margins now, it’s just unreal, and to think back to when wrestling was an armory in front of hundreds of people, and you could never imagine it’d become such a part of pop culture all across the world. And it is thanks to WWE.”

McIntyre was also asked about his thoughts on AEW All In 2023 last month, an event that set the record for the highest paid attendance to a wrestling show ever. He said,

“All In. It’s extraordinary. To sell out Wembley Stadium, just such an iconic venue, and for that to happen in the U.K.; personally, it’s obviously really special. It is so healthy for our industry to have another company have that ability to fill in 80,000 fans. Wow! It is a testament to how our industry has grown, and like you said, we are in the midst of a wrestling boom, what a time to be a fan, innit? Just really proud of everyone in that locker room, and all props to the crew and the behind-the-scenes personnel for making it happen.”

We also asked Drew McIntyre about his favorite opponent since his return to the company in 2017. The Scottish Warrior chose his Celtic counterpart and perennial frenemy, Sheamus. He said,

“Oh, it’s been such an incredible run. There’s so many… but Sheamo stands out. He’s a tough son of a gun, puts in 110% every time he’s in the ring. Our chemistry in there is off the charts. I love working with him, in whatever capacity. Just love being in the ring with him. It’s just that I gotta watch my back even when we are on the same team.”

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