Exclusive: Old School 1990 Classic WWF WrestleMania Cards – Superstars On Cards Ep. #3


Today, we travel back in time to 1990 with the YouTube series called “Superstars On Cards”. In collaboration with Gaming Palooza Empire, Wrestling With Cards and WrestleVessel, the shared video delves in to the golden era of wrestling’s trading cards from the 80s and 90s.

The mini series specifically looks at all kinds of wrestling trading cards; including many hidden gems. We’re interested to know if you have cards of your own, and if you do, please share them with us in the comments. Not only that, but if you own any rare wrestling merchandising we would be intrigued to know.

Superstars On Cards – Episode #3

In this episode, we travel back in time over 30 years to the epicentre of the golden era of WrestleMania. This is one of the first major WWF card set from the 90s, featuring many classic superstars such as Andre The Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan and much more. These classic WWF cards feature a white border, with a classic WWF logo at the corner of each card, as well as the vintage old school WrestleMania logo on each card. There is a total of 150 exciting classic wrestling cards featured in this set.

This card set features many classic moments from the first six WrestleMania events. The WWF WrestleMania 1990 card set is currently highly valued at a price point of roughly $90 to $150 for a complete used set depending on condition. In many cases, you may run into individual cards from this set selling for over $20 each. Certain PSA certified cards from this set could possibly be priced for hundreds of dollars. If you have this card set at home in a box gathering dust in the attic, you might want to preserve it well, as it will surely rise in value over the coming decades. Do you have a favorite card in this set? Please let us know.

Stay tuned for more exclusive episodes covering more of the wrestling trading card world. If you would like to share this content on other sites, please give credit to Gaming Palooza Empire and eWrestlingNews. Thank you.

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