Exclusive: Read The Full Jimmy Uso Police Report From His DUI Arrest


eWrestlingNews.com has exclusively obtained the official police report from Jimmy Uso’s arrest that took place in Pensacola, FL on Monday night.

As previously reported, Uso, whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, was able to post $500 bond around 9AM Tuesday morning and was later released from custody.

A copy of the police report, which was written by the arresting officer (William Roper), can be seen below:


On 07-05-2021, at approximately 2235 hours, I was running radar in the area of Garden Street and I Street in my marked patrol vehicle. While running radar I observed a white Dodge Charger with FL [license plate redacted] traveling east on Garden Street in the inner lane. I measured the vehicle going 50mph. While catching up to the vehicle I observed the vehicle run the red light at Garden Street and A Street.

Due to the above listed circumstances, I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle near the intersection of Garden Street and Rues Street. I approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, later identified as Johnathan Fatu, and smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage. After identifying Fatu I returned to the vehicle and asked Fatu to get out of the vehicle. Fatu exited the vehicle and walked to the rear of the vehicle, swaying. I asked Fatu if he had consumed any alcohol that night, to which he advised [redacted]. During my investigation I observed the following signs of impairment:

Strong smell of alcoholic beverage

Due to the above observed circumstances I requested Fatu submit to SFST’s, which he agreed to.

Fatu and Officer Leach #178 walked to the parking lot of 315 W Garden Street (Everman’s) where I performed the SFSTs.

During the HGN Fatu was unable to keep his head still, and I observed multiple signs of nystagmus. Fatu had difficulty maintaining balance, and had difficulty in performing the Walk and Turn. During the one legged stand Fatu was unable to maintain balance, and placed his foot down multiple times.

Due to the above circumstances I placed Fatu under arrest for DUI.

Fatu was requested to submit to a lawful test of his breath to determine his alcohol content. He refused to answer and Implied Consent was read. Fatu agreed to give a lawful test of breath after being read Implied Consent.

I transported Fatu back to the Pensacola Police Department where Officer Martinez #201, as a licensed Breath Test Operator, performed the lawful test of Fatu’s Breath. Fatu’s breath tests resulted with a .202 and a .205.

Fatu was issued a DUI citation AD4ELPE

Fatu was issued Uniform Traffic Citations ADN9ZPE (Speeding) and ADN9ZQE (Ran red light.)

Fatu’s vehicle was secured and left, legally parked, on Garden Street eastbound near the intersection of Garden Street and Rues Street.

Fatu was transported to the Escambia County Jail.

My department issued body camera, and in car camera were activated during this investigation.

Jimmy Uso

UPDATE: As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, Jimmy Uso was arrested for yet another DUI (his third since 2011) in Pensacola, FL late Monday night. As of Tuesday afternoon, there hadn’t been any fallout in WWE. The company also hasn’t issued any sort of statement on the matter. According to the Wrestling Observer, any decisions regarding Uso, “whatever they may be,” will be made shortly.

As far as his next court date is concerned, the Escambia County Clerk of Court hasn’t listed the date just yet. Following his release from jail on Tuesday morning, he was likely given a court date after he was bonded out. The office has been backed up on paperwork due to the July 4th holiday. Their offices were also closed on Monday. An official court date and judge for the case are expected to be announced by the end of the week.

ORIGINAL: Jimmy Uso was arrested for an alleged DUI on Monday night in Florida and has since posted a $500 bond. 

Wrestlevotes reported that a few “high level people in power” are extremely disappointed & legitimately pissed off over the arrest.

In an update, Fightful Select reports in the past WWE has sent out a statement noting wrestlers are responsible for their own actions.

It was said, “Multiple WWE Superstars expressed to Fightful that they were happy that wasn’t the line this go around, considering the situation has happened multiple times, and they think WWE should get involved to make sure things get handled before someone gets hurt.”

The report also noted that Uso is well liked among the wrestlers, but one top name called Uso’s current storyline “the story we’ve all been waiting for,” and expressed disappointment that he’d risk that.

The overall reaction was that of fear for safety, disappointment, and frustration.

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