Exclusive Report – Numerous WWE Talents Want Their Releases, WWE To Push Them To Prevent Them “Jumping Ship” To AEW?, Who’s Unhappy?


According to sources, WWE is planning to give pushes to numerous talents who are currently unhappy and have expressed their frustrations to management and on social media. Dave Meltzer recently confirmed the talent being unhappy and noted that the pushes are being done to prevent WWE talent from “jumping ship” to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) when their current WWE contracts expire.

As we previously reported on eWrestlingNews.com, The Revival recently asked for their releases due to their unhappiness with the current WWE tag-team division. As seen during last night’s WWE RAW broadcast, The Revival were featured on the show. Sasha Banks was also involved in the main event of the show. Banks recently seemed to hint at wanting out of her WWE contract. Maria and Mike Kanellis also reportedly asked for their releases, but were denied. They are now claiming those reports are false. There are some who believe the only reason they are denying the reports now is because WWE turned down their requests to be released. They are not currently working on the road with WWE and their “Power of Love Collection” show on the WWE Network, a show that would lead up to Valentine’s Day, has been removed from the WWE Network schedule altogether. Zack Ryder and Andrade are two other WWE Superstars who are currently unhappy. There are others as well but they haven’t spoken out about it just yet.

It should also be noted that top WWE officials are said to be worried about All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as the company is being backed by a billionaire and Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) co-owner Tony Khan. As noted, Khan is willing to provide AEW talent with health insurance, first-class flights, etc. Khan is also willing to spend “whatever money is needed” to make his new wrestling company become successful. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) officials are also said to be working on a “major TV deal” so there is obviously some concern among WWE officials.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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