Exclusive: Several Talents In WWE Being Ripped Off?


On Monday night we noted on the website that former Cryme Tyme member and current WWE Star JTG went ballistic on WWE during an outraged Twitter rant on Monday evening. As previously reported, the basic analysis of the situation is that several mid-card talents are angered at their lack of air time on TV and their current pay.

Among all the complaints, another topic of concern is merchandise sales. In terms of merchandise, John Cena and Rey Mysterio are the top two superstars in the company who sell the most merchandise. We’re told John Cena makes between 40-42% off all sales. In comparison, Zack Ryder makes less than 10% from sales. Ryder was double hit when WWE also recently took away his personal YouTube channel and made it their own. Ryder is one of the top five merchandise sellers. This was obviously so they could take in all advertising revenue through YouTube.com. We’re told Ryder is not getting any money from the show right now. Ryder was basically was told to let WWE run his show or to have control on whether to shut it down for good. The point of the show was to show WWE management his potential and to get a possible push from it. While shutting down the channel would have gotten him much less publicity, he opted to give WWE the show so it would still be featured and his name would still be out there. He was ultimately screwed over in the end.

We’re told Zack Ryder lives in an apartment in which he currently shares with a good friend. This is due to lack of monetary compensation for WWE and the company not giving proper pay-per-view and merchandise bonuses.

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