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NewsExclusive Update: DDP/Roberts/Hall Screw Fans?

Exclusive Update: DDP/Roberts/Hall Screw Fans?



UPDATE x 2: journalist Matt Boone has written an updated piece with more information on the Jake Roberts and Scott Hall campaigns, as well as details on how Indiegogo guarantees contributors their promised “perks” and how Roberts and Hall are responsible to make sure fans receive them. You can check that out by clicking here.

UPDATE: Here is the latest update on the DDP/Jake Roberts/Scott Hall situation. Following last night’s report, we received numerous comments and emails from our readers with varying accounts of what they have received as far as their “perks” are concerned. According to our reports, it seems like many people have received t-shirts, autographs, etc. The stuff that can be mailed out seems to have been sent for the most part. There are still a few people who have yet to receive anything in the mail though.

As far as the phone calls and Skype calls are concerned, the majority of fans who contacted us have yet to receive their calls. There were a VERY select few who said they received a phone call or Skype call.

On Tuesday night before we published our original article, we reached out to both Jake Roberts and Scott Hall as we wanted to get their side of the story before running with the report. That’s the right thing to do as there are two sides to every story. We gave them both over 24 hours to respond via Twitter (tweets or direct messages) or email and received no response from either man. At that point, we made the decision to run with our story very late Wednesday night. After the story ran, Jake Roberts obviously caught wind of it and went on a Twitter rant directed at us and our report. Below are some of his tweets:

Been notified of some very shoddy reporting about me. Attacking my character in a very personal way. Would never “screw over” the fans who

helped me get my life back. It is not true. But of course this “reporter” did not ask me for my side. Does not deserve that title.

Thank you all for the support and kind words. Remember this if this guy gets his wish to become famous by smearing me.

Still here with my daughter which is most important but was told of this “report” and couldn’t stand for it.

I know I owe everything to the fans that helped me and made me what I am. Thank you all and God bless. Back to sleep.

Following those tweets, Jake returned on Thursday morning and continued on with his rant. He posted the following tweets:

Didn’t you know everything you read on Internet is true. I adore the fans and have done more than was promised. Why not ask fans.

Once again for those thick between the ears. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open mouth and erase all doubt!!!!!

I don’t care. No one appreciates the fans who have do so much for me more than I do.

You don’t have any credibility with me and I don’t care about you. Unfortunately some fans read your crap and won’t let you try to tell them

I curious as you talk out of your ASS!!!! So plz shut your hole!!!!!!!’

Attended Braves game oh what the hell am I wasting my time when I know you can’t possibly hear as I don’t know what you use to listen with.

Better yet join us n Rome ga for big show and weekend with myself and contributor along with surprise guest. Others went to see M.Tyson show

Following Jake’s Twitter tirade on Thursday morning, we once again told Jake that we had contacted himself as well as Scott Hall and received no response. We stated NUMEROUS times that we were simply asking why the “perks” were more than three months late as many fans wanted to know. We asked over six different times for him to simply give us a explanation on why they were so late and if they still planned to deliver. We also stressed that it wasn’t a big deal if they were running behind as long as the fans got what they were promised for donating money. Jake dodged the question(s) and flat out refused to answer us, insisting that he had “done more than was promised.” So apparently in his opinion, he’s called every single one of you who donated and were supposed to get a call from him. If you didn’t get your call, and you take Roberts’ word as truth, then you shouldn’t expect one as he claims to be finishing fulfilling perks, and has done everything he’s been asked to do. At least that’s what it seems like. We’re sure A LOT of fans will disagree and be disappointed as we’ve received MANY emails and comments from you guys.

It should be noted that many fans stated that they really didn’t care about the phone calls, etc. as they wanted to help out two of their favorite wrestlers growing up. It’s simply the principle that if you donate money and are offered something in return, the people behind the campaigns should deliver. For some, that appears to be the case but for many others, they got screwed.

That’s the latest. We’ll continue to wait for an official statement from DDP, Jake or Scott. We’ll also continue to ask Jake to simply explain why they are so late in calling fans who were supposed to get phone calls. To be honest, he’s dodged the question numerous times and we don’t expect any statement, however we’ll keep trying for you guys.

Let us know your thoughts below ………….

ORIGINAL: Several months ago here on the website, we heavily promoted two IndieGogo campaigns that involved Scott Hall and Jake Roberts. As many of you likely remember, the campaigns were started by DDP as Scott Hall was in desperate need of a hip transplant and Jake needed shoulder surgery. The campaign pages were located at this link and this link.

The original goal for the campaigns was to raise $80,000 for Scott and $9,200 for Jake – enough money to get the surgeries done and keep them both sober while they were living at DDP’s “Accountability Crib”. In the end, Scott was able to raise over $100,000 while Jake raised nearly $30,000 for a grand total of over $130,000 from wrestling fans around the world. Obviously, that is an insane number and is awesome to hear.

As with any Indiegogo campaign, fans who donate money are given “perks” that the owner of the page sets up. Some of the “perks” for Scott and Jake’s campaigns included a signed 8×10 photo, a personal phone call, an autographed t-shirt, a Skype video call, etc. The “perk” varied depending on the amount of money the fan would donate.

Over the past several months, we have received numerous emails from fans who donated money asking us if we had heard anything about why they hadn’t received those “perks.” For the most part, we chose to ignore those emails figuring that the guys were simply behind and the fans would eventually get what they rightfully deserved sooner than later. As the weeks went on, we continued to receive more and more emails from fans who indicated they still hadn’t received their t-shirts, phone calls, Skype calls, etc.

Fast forward to today where we were sent the following email from “ElCastillo23”:

Ryan, first of all BIG FAN. Keep up the good work. Anyway I wanted to tell you, I’ve waited MONTHS for my supposed Skype call, or even a phone call from either one of Jake or Scott, as combined I sent these two over $300 and I worked VERY hard for that money and even missed rent once just so I could help them, and get a call or shout out. However, I’ve sent them both a lot of messages on Twitter and there has been absolutely no reply from Jake. I sent one to Scott guess what he replied? “You didn’t send shit I got the list and I called everyone and sent them the autographs don’t be talking shit mother f*cker” YES, HE TWEETED ME THAT. This is all because I sent him “Scott you’re a fake, I sent you over $100 and you can’t give me the promised call or an autograph?” I honestly don’t think it’s fair that us fans care for the wrestlers and help them out only for them to screw us over. I work very hard for my money, to go to college, pay my bills, and I gave them both money. I NEEDED just to help them out… and this is how they repay me? Also, I’ve recently been checking what’s been going on with them on Twitter and Youtube since they screwed me over and what do you know – A LOT of other fans didn’t get their calls/photos/etc. Check his Twitter replies, you’ll see mine and some of his other replies (of Scott).. It’s messed up…. the fans made him over $100,000 and this is how we are repaid?

The following is from my PayPal acct. I got these receipts after I donated to them:

Scott Hall:


Got Razor’s Back

Show Scott you’ve got his back with this donation… Donors will receive a black “Scott Hall” T-shirt, Autographed 8×10 – Personal phone call from Scott thanking you for your generous contribution. (donated twice on this one) $30USD Exclusive Scott Hall T-Shirt Scott’s inspirational journey is documented in the upcoming documentary, “NEVER TOO LATE”. Be one of the first to own a t-shirt promoting the upcoming release of this film! Black – S, M, L, XL, and XXL Full Donation to Scott: $230



Mega Fan Pack

Mega fans of Jake will receive all of the rewards! You rewards include: – Autographed 8×10 – DVD of Jake’s favorite matches – Black “Resurrection” T-shirt – Resurrection of “Jake the Snake” Roberts DVD – Personal phone call from Jake AND $100USD Fan Pack For Jake’s fans and supporters, with your donation you’ll receive: – Black “Resurrection” T-shirt – Autographed 8×10 – Personal phone call from Jake thanking you!

FULL: $275

It may not be “a lot” to some, but this to me is my rent. It’s not the money that matters because I wanted to help them, but I just hate and find it disgusting how two of my idols would screw not only me but a lot of the fans who helped donate to them, even it it meant not paying our bills, buying gifts or whatever for family. Sorry if this is long, I just really think someone should do something about it. Like I said, it’s not fair to any of us who donated.

Following the above email as well as of several others, we decided to view the comment section over on Scott and Jake’s Indiegogo campaign pages. As it turns out, there are many other fans who are claiming the same thing – they donated money and never received their “perks” for doing so. We’ve checked the list of commenter’s compared to the list of donators and a lot of the same names are featured in both sections. You can read some of the comments from pissed off fans at the links below:



To be fair, several fans have apparently received their designated “perks” for their various contributions to the Indiegogo campaign, however as noted, several have apparently not as well.

So, we want to hear from you guys. Did any of you donate and not receive the “perks” that you were entitled to get? Let us know as we continue to follow up on this story. Stay tuned!

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