Exclusive: WWE ‘Jobbing Out’ Frustrated Talents


As seen on RAW, WWE’s way of answering to some mid-card talents lack of TV time was to give them more exposure, but completely job them out. The moral of the story is WWE is playing “hardball” with frustrated talents. One source told us “it’s pretty much WWE saying f*ck you, we’re bigger and better than you and you’ll sit there and take it.”. With that being said, it just creates more frustration among talents, which in turn causes them to hold it in until they finally reach a boiling point and then you see things like what JTG and A.W. did this past week. Many others are close to that boiling point.

Two mid-card talents who are very unhappy with WWE at the current time (Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu) were not at RAW. Ryder sent out this interesting tweet earlier on Monday evening: Driving from Houston to Austin with @YoshiTatsuWWE…don’t ask and #NotAtRaw Ryder has been getting more and more frustrated with his recent tweets and Tatsu wrote a blog last week blasting the company and expressing his frustration with how things were being dealt with.

Again, the moral of the story is WWE is playing “hardball” with their talents and is pretty much “egging them on,” according to our source. Clearly, this is not the smartest move but “it is what it is” according to our sources.

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