Extension Request By WWE Over Patent Infringement Lawsuit


According to a report by Heel by Nature, WWE was rumored to have requested an extension as response to a patent infringement lawsuit in the state of Delaware. Back on May 21st, SITO Mobil filed a lawsuit against WWE as they accused the company of infringing on several patents, including those used by many modern streaming services.

On June 9th, WWE responded by filing paperwork as they requested additional time to investigate into these so-called claims and have been granted this extension until July 29th to answer the lawsuit. WWE is being represented by Steven L. Caponi and Matthew B. Goeller of K&L Gates LLP.

The statement reads as follows:

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED by the parties, through their undersigned counsel, subject to the approval of the Court, that Defendant’s time to answer, move, or otherwise respond to the Complaint in this action shall be extended to July 29, 2021. The reason for this requested extension is to allow counsel for Defendant additional time to investigate the allegations set forth in Plaintiffs’ Complaint and consider an appropriate response. No party will be prejudiced by this brief extension.

You can read the full complaint at the link provided here.

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