Extreme Rising Editing + Bischoff’s New Show =’s Ratings


Reader Ryan T from Baltimore, MD sent this one in: Not sure if anyone sent this in yet, but I ordered the Extreme Rising VOD from Highspots-actually ordered it the day before only to find out, it’s not a live broadcast-and discovered the cage match completely wiped off the event. No mention on the IPPV as to why it’s not shown and no explanation given on the Extreme Reunion site. You see the cage go up during intermission and then like a whole match worth of the Extreme Rising graphic before cutting to Raven’s promo. They also reedited the event and took out the logo instead just cutting from the end of the Misterio match right to the Raven promo with no dead air in between.

— As we reported earlier here on the website, Ric Flair is being advertised for the upcoming 1/26 All Japan event at Tokyo’s Ota Ward Gym. Flair stated in a recent interview with Mark Madden that he would be heading to Japan with his son who is scheduled to wrestle for All Japan.

— Eric Bischoff’s new show, “Hardcore Pawn: Chicago”, had the biggest series premiere in TruTV history. The show, which aired on Tuesday, drew in over 2.1 million viewers thanks in part to a lead-in from the original “Hardcore Pawn” and a full marathon of the original show throughout the day. A press release touting the ratings success has been released and you can read it by clicking here.

The show is produced by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, which is Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey’s production company. The company website is located at BHE.tv.

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