Extreme Rising Issues Statement On Their Future


Extreme Rising issued the following statement today…

Thank you for reading. At this time, Extreme Rising would like to make a statement with regards to the future of the company. We would like to start with the internet. Word to the wise is don’t believe everything you read (or hear) online whether it be from a news site, a wrestler, someone in the “industry”, or even fans. Check with the authority of whatever the subject matter before subscribing to idle chatter –whatever the claim may be. People write and say things without thinking sometimes, and act rather hastily when their emotions get the best of them, especially when they don’t get their way. Cooler heads definitely prevail. With that being said, there have been things posted and said since the cancellation of the April 2013 Wrestlemania weekend events. It was a blow to the company as we picked up momentum every event leading into December’s show. Canceling events hurt the fans, hurt the wrestlers, and yes hurt all the partners too. As much as it pained us to cancel th e events we were all looking forward to, it would have been more devastating to run said events that would’ve damaged things beyond repair. A very tough decision was made and we are still reorganizing from it. Most people would’ve have taken the easy way out after such a decision was made by quitting and shutting down. We’ve all seen that time and time again in life -not just pro wrestling. We have picked ourselves up in the past and are in the process of doing the same again. We are resilient and persistent. We’ve been doubted in the past (and will be again), but it does not stop this burning desire to move this company forward in 2013, despite any setbacks. With that being said, EXTREME RISING has always been alive and is moving forward.

It’s easy for anyone to sit there and quarterback what Extreme Rising or any other wrestling company should do. Actually, doing is much harder than you may think. If it wasn’t hard, there would be more wrestling companies started and running events. If we were to listen to anyone but ourselves, we would’ve never started Extreme Reunion and kept going with Extreme Rising with the various levels of outside negativity. We took the shot… calculated risks… chances… Some panned out, some didn’t, but we are still here working at it -and for whatever reason you are here reading this, we thank you. The one thing we know is that we put ourselves out there and continue to try. That is more than most will ever do unfortunately. People are afraid of failing so they never try. Dreaming and wishing for something is one thing -“doing” is something completely different. Most will never know the feeling of even trying, and that is real shame.

There will never be a perfectly run wrestling organization because every fan, every wrestler, every critic wants or thinks something differently. That being said people will come, and people will go. Extreme Rising strives to be a true alternative for wrestling fans, as we bring you the men who became extreme legends, with the future stars that will follow on their own path to greatness –the level of their success all depends on their dedication to the business. We aim to deliver a product that no one else is presently offering, one where fans interact with the action and where anything can happen at any moment. What started as Extreme Reunion in 2012 shook the foundation of the wrestling world as the event received an overwhelming response. Issues arose from that event, and a reunion turned to an Extreme Rising immediately as problem areas were taken to task, and resolved. With the fans support, Extreme Rising hosted four more live events averaging 1,000 plus fans per show. Extreme Rising made headlines on wrestling websites covering the successes of each event. Think about what all of us together from the staff, to the fans created and help grow. As easy as it would be to walk away, we didn’t. We didn’t quit on you, so please don’t quit on us. Be apart of something special as Extreme Rising forges forward.

To say the last few months have not been challenging is an understatement. We have taken time to work on correcting things that needed attention, and are still working on some areas as of this writing. We have made changes in management and reformed the overall general philosophy of Extreme Rising moving forward. We are still working on getting back on track, but we are also planning for the future of 2013 which is exciting and look forward to sharing with you in the future. We hope you understand that we put our hearts and souls into Extreme Rising. We really are trying to make this work. We make mistakes. We are human, just like you reading this. We are taking one day at a time to make ourselves better to operate more efficiently. We are regrouping. We are reorganizing. We are redirecting our energies positively hereby removing the negativity (whatever and whoever that may be) and are looking forward to our next announcements.

It doesn’t matter what we announce our next moves will be…

Actions will speak louder…

And when our actions are executed and play out in front of the eyes of the world, we hope you will back us for the next chapter of Extreme Rising.

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