Extreme Rising News: Backstage Morale, Financial Loss


Source: Pwinsider.com

— Backstage morale was said to be very good as well, with the feeling that those who were there for the party and not for the show were gone and everyone was looking to redeem themselves. The company felt that the Internet made the first show much worse than it was.

— Financially, the weekend wasn’t as successful as the debut weekend. The New York crowd was again, reportedly about 200, and the Philadelphia crowd was down from the debut, doing about 900 people. The promotion handed out a lot of make-goods for fans who held the first row tickets at the debut event, including comps and replacement signed chairs, which ate into the profit for this weekend.

— Bestia 666 is moving to California and becoming an American citizen. Once that takes place, he is expected to be a regular going forward.

— DVDs of the recent weekend events are available for pre-orders at www.extremerising.com.

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