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NewsEzekiel Discusses Bypassing WWE NXT Unlike His 'Brother' Elias

Ezekiel Discusses Bypassing WWE NXT Unlike His ‘Brother’ Elias



While Elias spent some time in WWE NXT, his “brother” Ezekiel was able to bypass the developmental brand and went straight to the main roster.

During a recent in-character interview with KTAL News, Ezekiel commented on whether he would have benefited from working in WWE NXT, his dream WrestleMania opponent, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if he would benefit from going to NXT: “You know, I’m very blessed. I was able to skip the whole NXT process, get right to the main roster. I think I’m growing leaps and bounds, way more than I would anywhere else. And I’m getting to mix it up with the top talent in the world on Monday night Raw, every week, sometimes SmackDown. So that’s definitely where I want to be.”

On his dream WrestleMania opponent: “You know, there’s a couple. One, I’d love to go one-on-one with my brother, I think that would just be a dream match. Me and him at WrestleMania, in front of the world, that would be incredible. On top of that though,m I gotta say, Shawn Michaels was always my favorite wrestler, the Heartbreak Kid. So that is a dream match for sure.”

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