Ezekiel Jackson Discusses The New Lucha Underground Promotion & How He Got Involved


Ezekiel Jackson spoke with Gary Mehaffy to promote this week’s premiere of
Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. Check out the interview below along
with some highlights:

On how he got involved with Lucha Underground: “I don’t
know if he wants me to say his name, but one of the former head writers in WWE
is there also. He called me in June, I think, and said “I would really like you
to come and be a part of this.” It was something I was just waiting for over the
summer. It was based out of L.A., which means I could drive to and from (the
tapings). They’re focused more on the television aspect of it so we don’t have
to travel to different cities to perform. That made it a lot more enticing for

On who to look out for in Lucha Underground: “The stuff
Fenix and Drago can (do). Ricochet – Prince Puma – John Morrison. If you
remember John Morrison from the WWE – the stuff that he did there and now he’s
got people that will be able to match him. It’s ridiculous. My wife walked away
from the first night and she said to Morrison – Johnny Mundo – and to Prince
Puma and she said “I’ve never sat and enjoyed a match as much as yours.”

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