Ezekiel Jackson/WWE Update, Jillian Hall’s Ripoff Gimmick?


— Ezekiel Jackson said on Twitter that he’s trying to get featured more on TV.

— Jillian Hall joked that her singing gimmick is getting ripped off by Heath Slater. She tweeted the following: Does it make me a bad person to be annoyed by Heath slater’s rip off?? Lol.. And I say that in the nicest possible way 🙂

— Here’s Kevin Nash in a new clip from Kayfabe Commentaries’ Timeline: The History of WWE – 1995. In it he talks about being booked to win the WWE Title in 1994 through 1995, but not being given a chance to look strong with the belt. Nash says that the company’s attitude toward him was, “You’re our guy…but your pitch count is 30” which in part led to the Kliq coming together. Check it out below:

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