Ezra Judge Says No One In WWE NXT Talked About Ratings War With AEW


Former WWE NXT star Ezra Judge spoke about a wide range of topics in an interview with Wrestling Inc.

During it, he said that no one backstage really talked about the Wednesday Night War with AEW.

“No, nobody really talked about that stuff. One of the things that I know for myself is you can’t stay in your lane when you’re looking at somebody else’s lane. You start to veer into their lane. I know as a group, we were just focused on putting on the best product possible, and everybody just showed up every day and gave it their best. I honestly never heard of any comparisons or anything. I’ve always watched AEW. I like AEW. I like all wrestling. Wrestling is for everybody, and it’s a different product than WWE, but that’s good. I’ve said it maybe five times already, competition breeds greatness. I know they watch us. We watch them, and why not? It’s all wrestling. Everybody’s doing what they love, and it’s fun. And we got to remember this is for the fans, the audience. We are performing for them, and so when you get caught up in ‘this is this, blah blah blah,’ it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you just got to deliver the best product and come with it.”

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